November 26, 2011

Frosted Snowflake Christmas Tree Balls

About 4 years ago my husband bought my some plain clear glass Christmas tree balls.  I had no idea what to do with them, so they sat in the Christmas box for 4 years.  I finally got an idea and I put it to work today.

Frosted Snowflake Christmas Tree Balls

To make these balls I started by using my Silhouette SD and I cut a whole bunch of little 1" snowflakes out of bright pink vinyl (I chose a bright color to make it easy to see after they had been painted), and I placed them just like stickers randomly on my glass balls.
You could use snowflake stickers if you don't have access to a vinyl cutter
(each ball has 3 snowflakes)

Next I took the top off the balls, I removed the springy prongs and put those back in, so I would have a way to hang them up to dry.

Then I took them outside and I used this Frosted Glass spray paint (found at Home Depot)
(use gloves to keep from painting your fingers)

Painted them as evenly as I could (kinda hard to see wet transparent paint.)

And hung them to dry on my little make-a-shift drying line.

After the painstaking hours of waiting for them to dry, I carefully peeled off the vinyl stickers (try to peel from the center, it makes it much easier) and replaced the cap and spring.

Now they are all ready to go when we pull the tree out next week.

This is what the individual snowflakes look like around each ball:

Are you making any homemade crafts this year?  Tell us about them.


November 21, 2011

Today is a day...

Today.  Today is one of those days I will look back on in 10-20 years and laugh.  However, today I'm going to try really really to keep my cool and to remember all those wonderful things people say about children.... ya know the ones I mean "children are so innocent" "they're so cute" "children are God's greatest gift."

Because today my daughter climbed on top of the fridge while I was not looking and found the finger paints, then hid them in her room until nap time.  Today a single room in my house was redecorated without my knowledge.
Today I screamed.

When I opened the door, after the speechlessness left me I asked my sweet innocent child what the crap she was thinking!  She replied very sweetly and very innocently "I wanted to paint my wall!"
It took me over an hour to clean the carpet and the paint on the wall won't come off. That'll be an adventure for tomorrow.  I hear magic erasers work.  Have to try one of those.

What kinds of messes have your kids made?  come on tell me.  it'll make me feel better.