March 10, 2012

Baby Quilt Progress

Here's the first pieced portion of my baby quilt.  I am hand piecing this quilt and I am amazed how accurate it lines up.  Just look at this picture.  The diamonds line up perfectly in the center and it lays flat.  So far I have 5 finished stars.  I need 18 whole stars and 4 half stars.  I hope to have it pieced in a couple of weeks because it's going to take me a long time to quilt it.  If it turns out as nicely as these first few stars look I think I'm going to enter it into the country fair this fall.  (It's been a dream of mine to have a quilt worthy of entering the fair ever since I started quilting.) I don't even care if I win, I just want the pride of knowing it was displayed at the fair and people from all around my area are going to see it.

One trick I have discovered for this project is the EZ Quilting 60° diamond ruler.  I found one at Joann's for about $10, and it makes it possible to cut perfect diamonds in a matter of seconds.  It's my new best friend.

I can't wait until I can make my next post for this quilt.  I've never been more excited about a quilt.

March 6, 2012

A couple weeks ago I bought a frozen bag dinner, it was a triple cheese pasta and chicken dinner.  As I was enjoying the easy meal I was thinking that this would be so easy to make.  I gave it a whirl tonight and this is what I came up with.

Cheesy Chicken 'n' Pasta or if you prefer Adult Mac 'n' Cheese

1 Chicken Breast, diced into bite size pieces
1 C. Chopped Cauliflower (Any Color)
1 C. Chopped Broccoli
1-2 Large Carrots, sliced 
1/2 C. Frozen Corn
8 oz Noodles (I used penne, you can use any sort of macaroni noodle that your heart desires.)
1 jar Ragu Double Cheddar Sauce

Cook your Noodles according to package directions, drain.  Meanwhile combine all vegetables in steamer and steam for 5 minutes.  Next cook chicken on stove top until cooked through. Combine noodles, veggies & chicken in frying pan, add as much sauce as makes to you happy.  Heat until hot and serve. 


Baby Quilt Sneak-Peek

I'm just getting ready to start on a little quilt for my newest edition.  I've found out that I'm going to have another girl. (Poor Daddy, with three daughters he doesn't know what to do with himself.) I did take just a little bit of sympathy on my poor husband, and agreed to pick a theme for the baby's room he could tolerate with equanimity.  I've chosen:

Pink John Deere.
Daddy Loves Tractors.

If I have time before the baby is born I hope to make new curtains, a bumper and a dust ruffle for the crib, using similar fabrics.


March 1, 2012

Amazing Quilting Blog

I was just cruzing through some of the crafting blogs and I came upon a link for Green Fairy Quilts.  I love to quilt and seeing other peoples quilts makes me happy.  However, I don't think I've ever had my jaw drop to the floor like this before.  Check out this blog and you will understand.  The piecing is flawless, then just look at the quilting!  I've never seen anything like it before.  Seriously amazing.