July 17, 2011


My husband has been at sea this summer and he saw a group of about 100 dolphins yesterday and he sent me some pictures.  They are beautiful so I am going to share them with you.  This is something that not very many people get to see in their lifetimes.

July 16, 2011

Alphabet Quilt: In Process

I FINALLY caught a break from school, don't ask me how but I managed to get all my homework done for the week a day and half early!  It's a miracle.  (Granted I still have a paper and project that needs to be turned it, but that's what next week is for... right?)  Finishing early means I finally get to do something I wanted to do instead of something I needed to do. 
By the way we are not mentioning all the things around the house/yard that need to be done, today those don't count.
I started one of my projects back up that I started a couple months ago. 
Would you like to see? 

Here is my alphabet quilt.
This quilt has some pretty big flaws, nothing you can see from a distance though. 
See I got this idea to use a new interfacing I can cut with my Silhouette SD so I didn't have to hand cut all the applique letters... bad idea.  The interfacing is so thick that my sewing machine needle didn't want to go through the adhesive.  The stitching on the applique is not very good, the thread kept pulling back up and skipping stitches, it's weird and annoying.  But it's for a little girl who, I'm pretty sure, won't care what the stitching looks like.

I'm going to be making an identical quilt to this one, a slight bit smaller.  I'll be sure to use a better interfacing for that one.

*sorry the picture is kinda crappy.  My husband took the good camera to Africa with him, which is good really because Africa is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I want good pictures!*


"Magic" Spray

My 3 year old daugher has beautiful long blonde hair.  Beautiful, long, blonde, SNARLY hair!  She would Never let me brush her hair because it hurt to bad.  We tried several different products including detangler and it just wouldn't work.  On day my Mom suggested this:

Aussie Brand Leave in Conditioner
We call it "Magic" Spray
Because it works like magic.

I spray this in my daughters hair and within 30 seconds it's snarl free and easy to brush.
I highly recommend this to any Mother of any little Girl with long beautiful snarly hair.


July 10, 2011

Decorate Your Refrigerator

Do you have these kinds of boring magnets on your fridge. I have had these collecting on my refrigerator for quite some time now. I finally got sick of them the other day and decided to make something out of them.
You will need some magnets, scrapbook paper scraps, mod podge and some scissors.
Find scrapbook paper pieces that fit your magnets.
Paint a layer of mod podge on the top of the magnet and then press the paper on top. Use your fingers to flatten it out and make sure there are no bubbles. Then paint another layer of mod podge on top of the paper. Let them dry.
When they are dry you can cut them out into any shape you desire. (I did letters)
I had some that needed some cut out of the middle so I used an exacto knife to make a small hole and then used my scissors to cut it out.
Now you have fun magnets for your fridge!
Here is another fun magnet project. For this one you will need some magazines, mod podge, glass beads, magnets and scissors.

Cut out pieces of the magazine the same size as the bead.
Paint a thin layer of mod podge on the top of the paper and then stick the glass bead on top.
Use your fingers to press down the egdes.
Let them dry. When they are dry you can hot glue a magnet on the back
and stick it on your fridge!
One more magnet project. For this one you will need a pocket out of a old pair of pants. Cut it out about 2 inches around the pocket. Hot glue down the egdes except for the 2 sides. Place a really strong magnet down on the fabric and then put a ring of hot glue around the magnet, but not touching the magent. then press the fabric down so the magnet has a little bit of room to slide around. Trim the excess fabric on the sides.

It should look like this when your done.
Stick it on your fridge and put whatever you would like it it!
Now go and make your refrigerator all fancy! Have fun!


Carseat Crumb Catcher

Does your carseat look like this? Are you tired of trying to clean out all the crumbs the seem to accumulate in the bottom of the seat? Well I have come up with an answer for you! (Sorry for the terrible picture, by the way!)
First you will need a computer with some fun music to listen to and maybe some treats. Oh and a carseat would be great!
You will also need a spare changing pad that may have come with one of your diaper bags. You will want to make sure it is a good size to fit in the seat.
Next make a paper verison of your changing pad. I just taped a bunch of pieces of paper together and then cut it out the same size as my changing pad.
Put your paper verison in the seat and use a pencil to draw lines where the seat belts fit in.
Then fold your paper version in half and cut out the pieces off so it fits nicely in your seat. Make sure you make marks for where the bottom buckle with come through as well.
Next take your pad and remove the binding.
If should look like this when your done.
Then lay your paper version on top of the pad and cut it out so it looks just like your paper version.
Sew around the edges where you cut it. If you have slots for your straps like mine then use a small zig zag and go over these slots a few times so they will hold up to lots of wear and tare.
If you have a button holer big enough for your bottom buckle then that will work great! Mine was a little to big so I just used a small zig zag and went over it a few times. Then use your seam ripper and open the inside of the button hole.
Decorate as you please. Have some fun with it!
Then sew the binding back on. (I used some black binding I bought at the store instead of the brown that was originally on it.) Then put it in your carseat and now it is all ready to catch all those nasty crumbs. If it gets dirty then just take it out and put it in the wash on gentle or hand wash it.


Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?

I made more blocks! Here is the SUMMER version!