September 1, 2011

Baby Blankets

My Mother-in-Law makes these wonderful recieving baby blankets.
They are quite big, very soft, and just perfect for swaddling sweet little babies.
Each blanket is 32 inches x 45 inches

I simply placed two fabrics wrong sides together and serged the edges together
Then (although I forgot to take a picture) I made a simple blanket stitch around the edges with a couple different colors of embroidery thread.

Here's the blankets I made. 

I used the blankets to "ice" the diaper cake for a baby shower gift.
The diaper cake layers have 27, 17, and 7 diapers in the various layers.
The center of the top layer is filled with a bottle, as you can see.
Each diaper is rolled and tied wtih a little elastic band.

Usually I fill the cake with baby accessories but it is actually expensive to make a cake that elaborate, this time I simply topped the cake with a stuffed animal, it actually giggles hysterically when you squeeze it's foot.

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