September 25, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Its that time of the year again! It's HALLOWEEN!!! It's my absolute favorite time of year. In honor of the upcoming holiday, I thought I'd present you with a few crafts :D

Halloween Blocks: Zombie, Frankenstein, Ghost, and Pumpkin. 
Directions: Cut a 2x4 to make some taller blocks (mine were 8" in height). Sand and round corners if desired. Paint 1 block green, 1 orange, 1 white, and leave the other block plain (or paint black if desired. Paint on your favorite face and VOILA! I wrapped gauze bandage around my mummy; and "dirtied" him up a little using a brown ink pad (purchased at Walmart for $0.97). 

SUBWAY ART! Let's be honest...I LOVE subway art. One of my favorite places to get subway art is from the amazingly talented Colette at "My Computer Is My Canvas". I used her idea after I printed her subway art. This made such a fun and cheap teacher gift! I bought a handful of picture frames from the dollar store and just glued on some googly eyes using some hot glue. LOVE!

Wood...let's be honest. I just love working with wood. I bought this wooden pumpkin at the D.I. a few years back for like 50 cents, knowing that I could come up with a cute project for it someday. I cut this cute orange fabric into a bunch of 1" squares (I used a handful of green fabric squares for the stem). Using a little modge podge and a bunch of squares, this boring plain pumpkin turned into a cute pumpkin to put on a shelf.

Crafted by Mindy

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Colette Bomsta said...

Hi, Mindy! :) Thanks for posting my Halloween Subway Art... I can't believe it's that time of year again already! Have a good night! :)