February 15, 2011

Bring on the COLOR!!!

The other day after cleaning my house I sat on the couch (for the 5 sec. I had nothing going on) and looked around. I realized that my house was really blah. There was no color anywhere. It was kinda depressing. Then to make it worse I realized that I never put up any valentines decorations (the whole 2 decorations that i have) :) haha! It was right then that I decided that I was done the blah-ness and that I was going to get some color ASAP! So I
went to the dollar store today and bought some fun things to make some new projects! Well here is the beginning of project color!

For this project I got 2 bags of easter eggs and a little wreath and some ribbon. I already had some little tiny eggs from last year that I pulled out too.
First I made a bow and hand sewed it together so it wouldn't fall apart and then attached it to the wreath.
Then I hot glued easter eggs all over the front side of the wreath. Here is the back of the finished wreath.
And here is the front.
And here is the cute COLORFUL wreath hanging on my door! Fun huh!

After I finished the wreath I had a few extra eggs so I added some onto the entrance into the kitchen! For this part I just used thread and put it through wholes on the top and bottom of the eggs (My eggs had 2 holes on the top and the bottom) Then i just taped the thread to the wall. I think it looks kinda fun! I also had a little extra ribbon and made a tiny bow to hang in the middle.

Happy Easter Decorating!


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