February 11, 2011

Sneak Peak at My Most Recent Project

I am excited.  A week after I bought my silhouette the company came out with a new product.
Fabric Interfacing.  Meaning I can cut fabric with my Silhouette!  I'm quite happy about it.  So I rushed to their website and I purchased one of each new interfacing, it finally showed up 2 days ago.

Long ago I made an alphabet quilt for my children... and it's awful.  I haven't even posted pictures on this site because I hate it so much.  So I'm making another one.  It's going to be a very fun and colorful quilt.  If all goes as planned. 

Here's all the letters I have cut thus far.  Isn't it amazing how nicely they cut?  I'm astonished.  This is going cut applique time in half.

I'm hoping to use the Eric Carle Brown Bear Brown Bear Fabric Collection for the basis of the quilt.  It's going to be amazing!

What do you think?


1 comment:

Susan said...

I think it will be awesome! Can't wait to see the finished project.