February 9, 2011

Woodworking Tools

Over the course of the last year I've spent a good chunk of money purchasing woodworking tools for my husband.  Table Saw, Mitered Saw, Jigsaw, Belt Sander, next on my list is a router.  Why am I spending a good chunk of my crafting money on wood working tools?  Easy. I want real wood shelving and hopefully in the future real wood furniture. (I also want a swing set and a place to hang my hammock in the summertime!) The first project I have set before him is a quilt rack.  Which he stained last night.  ☺ 

I love the color.  Once I get him a router I might make him pull it down and put a nice finish on the edges, but in the meantime...

I really love it.  It's simple, yet beautiful.  The only problem I have now is deciding which wall to hang it on, and which quilt to hang on it.  I might have to have him make a few more so I can hang them everywhere  ☺


1 comment:

AH said...

Nice. He did a perfect job on those square holes.