October 17, 2011

Child Reward System

We have a slight problem at our house... the problem is about 3 feet tall, blonde, and 3 years old!  She believes that she is the "man of the house" when Daddy's not home.  It feels like constant war at my house just trying to get her to help out, clean her room, and be nice to her sister.  In talking to my co-blogger Kristie, she gave me the idea for a rewards system.  
Stone Jars.

Amazingly the girls are loving this.  Stones are SO Exciting!

How to Work a Stone Jar

1. Take two mason jars, remove seals, but keep the rings.  
2. Place a square of fabric over the top and glue it to the ring with hot glue
3. Decorate as desired. (I cut an X in the top of each for easy deposits.)
4. Purchase your stones, Mine are the type usually found in flower vases, purchased at Dollar Tree
(you can use marbles or any type of token)
5. Any time the kids do something good give them a stone (i.e. brushing their teeth, cleaning up their toys, helping with laundry or dishes, sharing, saying please/thank you... etc.  My youngest gets one every time she goes potty in the toilet.)
6. Let them deposit their own stones
7. Offer an Ultimate reward once their jars are full and make it sound really BIG!
(my kids get a solo trip with Daddy for Ice Cream this time, 
next time it might be a dollar store toy or something like that.)
8. Don't take away their stones unless it is very well deserved and well warned.
(kids have a hard time understanding why you're taking away what they're so proud of.)
9. Once the jars are full and the Ultimate reward has been issued empty the jars and start again.


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