October 6, 2011

A Muppet Feet Kind of Day

Today has been a muppet feet kind of day. The temps here in Utah dropped into the 40-50s today. So when I got up this morning and was freezing I decided it was time to break out the muppet feet! The comfiest socks you will ever wear! I think I have about 12 pair that I wear all through the fall and winter! Go get yourself some....you'll love them!
In addition to it being a muppet feet kind of day, it also happened to be the day that my landlord scheduled for us to get new doors. My house dropped down to 61 degrees. I was shivering....every time I tried to talk it was all I could do to not chatter my teeth. I love the changing seasons! So I put on a sweatshirt (over my jacket) and wrapped up in a blanket and decided it was time to update my blogs. :)


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