May 3, 2011

Kitchen Canisters

I finally found them!  I've been searching the world over for the perfect kitchen canister set that wasn't going to cost me a fortune!  I found some I LOVED online, they were real pottery, ivory and blue.  So pretty Sooo Pretty!  Unfortunately, they were also about $100, and that was about $80 over my budget.

Today a friend took me to T•J• Maxx, I'd never been before and I found a set of kitchen canisters for only $9.99.  Sweet!  $10.01 under budget!

I purchased them, washed them, labled them, and filled them.  ☺

Each jar is filled with the things I use the most.  We go thru rice like it grows on trees in the back yard.
Flour is found in everything, sugar is a necessity, especially sprinkled over my rice krispies in the morning... yum.
And rye, weird I know, I'm learning to bake bread (tonight is an experiment) and I'll be using rye every day in my bread.

I Love It!  The lable(ing) is temporary, I hope to get some Etch-All and etch the glass, along with a few other things, I just have to order it when I have that much spendable money with nothing else in mind.  ☺

While I was at T•J•Maxx I also found this:

My Grandma has one, and I LOVE them, they're just so cool.  It beats the heck out of that stupid "little" plastic bottle that's too tall to fit in my cupboard.

I labeled it, went to fill it and wouldn't you know it, I'm out of maple syrup. Go figure.

Anyway, I'm super happy with my new canisters.


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