May 2, 2011

A Curious Question

I have a question for all of our readers. 

If you were buying a house would you want your walls:

A.) White, so you can paint them yourself
B.) Painted with Neutral Colors (i.e. brown, tan, ivory.)
C.) Painted with "fun" colors (i.e. ocean blue, red, orange, green.)
D.) Doesn't matter, I'd repaint every wall the way I want it anyway.

I'd really appreciate if everyone who reads this would go to the left side of the blog at the top and vote.
It will help me decide what to do with the walls in my house before our prospective move.  The poll will close the last day of May.  Thanks!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Having just bought a house recently, I always thought the neutral type colors looked the nicest and the most finished. Plain white made it feel too much like an apartment, and bright fun colors made me wonder how I was going to coordinate my furniture, knowing that I wouldn't be able to afford paint right away. Bathrooms mattered less, the main living space mattered the most. Good luck.