April 30, 2011

Happiest Place On Earth Outfits

I am headed to the happiest place on earth in a few weeks! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! And because I am so excited, I just had to make some matching outfits for my daughter and my niece to wear! Here is how I made them: (Sorry the final picture is at the bottom)

First you will need some cute fabric to use as the ruffles at the bottom of the shirt. Make sure you wash your fabric first. :) Then cut them into strips. I cut mine 4 inches so they would be a little more than 3 inches.
I ironed my strips flat and then hemmed the bottom edge.
Next take a shirt and measure the bottom. You will need some fabric to use as a liner under the ruffles. Sew the ends together so that it is the same width as the bottom of the shirt.
Sew a straight line across the top edge of the ruffles and then pull on one of the strings to create the ruffles. Measure it out so that it will fit around the liner piece and then sew the ends together.
Sew a zigzag stitch on the ends of the ruffles as well as around the top of the ruffles.
Then cut out a shape you would like to put on the front of your shirt. Then hand sew the shape on with embroidery thread.
Mine needed a bow so I made on by making a square and leaving the center open a little so I could fit it right-side out. I also sewed a small tube to use around the center.
Then I hand sewed it together like this.
Then I sewed it on the shirt.
And now we have 2 darling little outfits for 2 darling little ladies to wear!

I also made 4 little bows to wear in their cute little piggy tails :)


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