April 8, 2011

Hole Punched Greeting Cards

How To Make a Hole Punched Greeting Card:

First, get your card.

You can cut your own out of cardstock, or you can purchase a blank one.
Next print the words you want to appear on the front of your card onto a piece of white paper.  Tape the paper on the inside of the card.  (Make sure you position it right so the punches will appear on the front and not upside down on the back ☺)

Next, take a thumbtack or a pin and punch little holes around the outside of each letter.  (Place a cardboard box or a corkboard underneath so you don't ruin your table or counter surface.)
The front of the card should look like this when you're done.

Growing Old is Mandatory
Happy Birthday

I used my Silhouette to finish off the inside of the green card:
Growing Old is Mandatory,
Growing Up is Optional.
As always I put my little signature on the back with my Silhouette.

One piece of advice: choose a short saying.  After about 10 letters, your hand starts to hurt!


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