April 14, 2011

Take Me To the Seashore Part 2

This project took me a little longer than I had planned.  I just couldn't sell myself on the layout, so for anyone waiting in anticipation for this post, Sorry!  Here it is.

I started with the sanddollars I already had, I bought a board, painted it, then I used a slightly lighter color to add some streaks to the board.  I used my silhouette to cut the letters out in vinyl.  Then I glued my sanddollars on.  It was a really simple project.  The hardest part was choosing a layout that I was happy with.

I hung this project and the poem from "Take Me To The Seashore Part 1" in the "kids' bathroom".

I only wish I could have hung them in the master bathroom.  Unfortunately I recently painted it dark green, and the colors just don't mix very well.  So maybe in my next house. ☺


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