April 18, 2011

Family Fun Sack

A family fun sack, a great way to randomally choose a fun family activity.  I made this sack for a lesson I taught in church on Sunday.  (I teach the 12-13 year old girls, otherwise known as "Beehives.")  It was really quite simple to make.
I started with 2 pieces of fabric.  10" squares.


I used some interfacing and ironed it on to my fabric.  Cut my little letters.

And Ironed them onto one piece of fabric.  I stitched each letter with a simple hand stitch to keep it in place.

Next I placed the two fabric squares right sides together and I stitched around the sides and bottom.

I laid a string along the top and foled down the hem over it.  I pinned it in place and stitched my string inside the hem.  Using a hole punch I punched two small holes for the string to exit.  I tied the strings together and melted the ends with a lighter.

Turned my bag right side out, and filled it with ideas for a fun family activity.

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