April 16, 2011

Diaper Cake and a Base

I got asked to make a diaper cake for a recent baby shower as part of the decorations. I was really excited because I had never made one before. I did a little research and talked to Holli a few times before I came up with this...

I think it turned out pretty cute! As I was planning out how I was going to take it to the shower, I realized that if I brought it on my pizza pan that I made it in, she wouldn't have any way to get it home in one piece. So I came up with a super simple base to put the cake on.
First I found a big piece of cardboard. I traced my pizza pan on the cardboard and then added about 2 extra inches all the way around (you could just use a bigger pan to trace). Then I cut it out with scissors (may need a exacto knife depending on the thickness of your carboard. Then I wrapped the cardboard in wrapping paper. I taped it on the back and then folded the edges over several times until it looked round. After I had it all taped in place I cut out a circle of the same wrapping paper and covered the folds.
Then I flipped it over and made some dots in the center and let them dry. (This is so the wrapping paper had a little bit of grip, so the cake wouldn't just slide off)
Then I put the cake on top. It was pretty easy and only took me a few minutes to make, but it made the transportation of the cake super easy! Good Luck! (Sorry I forgot to take a final picture of the cake on the base......oops :)


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Holli said...

Love it Kristie! So cute.