April 28, 2011

Littlest Girl's Bedroom Decor

I've been hard at work in my Littlest Girl's bedroom.  I have two more projects for this room, then it's on to my Biggest Girl's bedroom.  Once I'm done with my other two projects I'll post a tour video or something so you can see what it looks like. 
(That is IF I can keep it clean long enough to take a video.)

Anyway here's some of the stuff I've done.

This is the baby quilt I made when I was expecting her.
You can see it better in this post.

I tied it around the top with a ribbon and hung it on a command hook right above her crib.
It doens't match the rest of the room, but I don't care, It's Special. 

Next I hung my "BE" frame from this post,
The Needlework of a Horse that was made by her Great Great Omi in Germany
And her "Handprint Painting" from this post. 

I hung these on the other wall above the crib. 

Next I stuck some vinyl lettering on the wall. 

Screwed in the shelf I repainted in this post.
and topped it with some of her precious pink things. 

It's right above the play kitchen set.
(It looks better in person.)

Then I hung this "Walk Tall" plaque I made in this post
above her doorway. 

I made her a "Memory Board" in this post,
And hung it right above her dresser.

I repainted her dresser in this post 

And scattered butterflies on it in this post. 

I repainted her toy box in this post,
And put butterflies on it too!

I made her curtains a LONG time ago and never did post about them, I might be re-making them though so I'll post them when they're done.
(I hate the top of the curtains, I'm going to take that part off and put a cute solid print on the bottom, I think.)

Her quilt top has been finished, my Mother-In-Law asked to quilt it, so I'll show the finished project off when I get it back. I pieced this top in this post... and this post.

I can't wait to finish the next two projects, and finally have one room in my house complete.

It makes me so happy every time I walk in her room!
Clean or Messy.


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