November 6, 2010

Memory Board

I've seen these boards all over the place for years!  Everyone I know had one, except me.  So I figured out how to make one.  Now I still don't have one, but both my little girls do.  I use them to display pictures, holiday cards from their grandparents, postcards of the places we've been and so on.  I love these boards.

You Will Need:
1 corkboard or plywood cut to size. (I got my cork boards from JoAnns online, they were only $7!)
Fabric, enough to cover corkboard and wrap around back
Batting, same size as fabric (I used low loft)
1" thick Ribbon
Buttons, or Tacks
Staple Gun

Place batting ontop of cork board, either staple or glue it down.  Place fabric wrong side up on flat surface, place cork board, back side up, ontop of fabric.  Wrap fabric around cork board and staple it securely to the cork board. 

Cut Ribbon strips as long as you need them and as many as you want and position them in your desired design.  Make sure you have just enough extra to staple each ribbon to the back of the board. 

Once your ribbon is in place, use a tack or hot-glue a button where the ribbons cross to hold the ribbons tight to the board.  This will prevent your pictures from falling off the board. 
Hang on the wall and decorate!
You can either stuff your pictures behind the ribbon, or you can use tacks to hold the pictures up.  I chose to stuff mine behind the ribbon.

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