November 8, 2010

Chore Charts

I actually stole my basic idea from Kristie's Calendar Post.  ☺

I made chore charts for myself and my toddler. 

They really aren't anything fancy.  I just got some posterboard and cut it to size.  I drew my lines and words with pencil then went over them with marker.  Life tends to get hecktic and there is simply not enough room on my calendar to list everything that needs to get done.  I find that if I have a list that I can pysically see, it helps me to remember everything I need to get done in a day, week or just in general.  There is also extra space at the bottom where I can list things I need from the store, or other things that come up that I need to remember.  It works for me. ☺

As for my daughter, well, she's motivated by stickers.  I thought to myself "I bet she'll do her chores for stickers, and if she has a special place to put them, that's even better!" I've only had this finished for one day and my daughter is so excited to find out what else she has to do to get a sticker! 

On my daughters chart I left the chore column empty when I laminated it because she's only 2, so her chores involve: brushing her teeth, and picking up little pieces of garbage, etc.. where in a couple years she will have bigger chores. ☺ mommy's excited for that!

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