November 6, 2010

Simple Sofa Pillows

I love pillows!  Not only are they comfortable but they are so pretty too!  They add a simple color splash to any room.  I made some recently for my livingroom sofa.  They were really simple, I made several pillows in one day and I used fabric I already had, so I now have pillows around my house that I got for free!

If You Want to Make A Pillow You Will Need:

Cotton Stuffing
Enough Muslin to make your pillows
OR Pre-made Pillow Forms
Outter Fabric of Pillow
Sewing Machine

Start by measuring and cutting your muslin.  You'll need 2 cuts that measure the same for each pillow.  Cut the muslin 1/2" larger (all directions) than you want your finished pillow to be.  Layer one muslin on top of the other and sew 3 sides and 3/4 of the 4th side.  You need to be able to fit your hand in the unsewn gap.  Turn muslin right side out and stuff with stuffing. 

Stitch pillow closed either by hand or close to the edge with a sewing machine.  (this pillow will be hidden inside your cover, so it doesn't have to be all that pretty.)  Set Aside while you make the pillow case.
Next cut your outter fabric.  You'll need (1) piece cut the same size as your muslin (remember 1/2" extra for seem allowances) and (2) pieces 1 1/2 the length of your pillow. 
Fold longer fabric, one piece at a time, right side facing out, in half (so it's short and fat, not long and skinny)  Sew the 3 unconnected sides together using 1/4" seem allowances.  Repeat for other long fabric. 
Once those pieces are sewn take them both and set one on top of the other, with the folded edges toward the center.  Measure the distance and sew them together at the top and bottom.  You should have an overlap that is NOT sewn in the center of the connected fabric where you will put your pillowform inside when it's all finished. The finished product will need to be the same measurements as you want your finished pillow. 

Sew this piece, and the other outter fabric piece, right sides together on all 4 edges.  Turn casing inside out through overlap gap in back of casing.  Stuff your pillowform inside. Close gap.

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