November 10, 2010

Keep Your Sunny Side Up

I made this tablerunner for my Mom.  My Mom LOVES sunflowers, so when I saw the tablerunner in a magazine I knew it would be perfect! I looked up the company on line and found the free pattern.  It's called Keep Your Sunny Side Up and it was created by Ro Gregg.  All I did was change the colors. 

The center of this block is a fussy-cut square.

The flower in the center of this block is all applique.
The stitch in the border is a "heart flower" as I call it.  It's 8 hearts connected to look like a flower.  Each flower took me nearly 45 minutes to stitch!  But the end result is very pretty!
The backing is a yellow and green sunflower print.
I love this tablerunner.  My mom took it to my parents vacation house in the countryside.  I love walking into that house and seeing this tablerunner on the kitchen table. ☺

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