November 5, 2010

How to Make a Bed Skirt

I'm a firm believer in bed-skirts, just as pillows they but a finishing touch on a made-up bed.  Especially in any room where you store things under a bed, like a childs room for instance.  I store all kinds of items under my kid's beds, not to mention what ever they decide to store under there themselves.  They are so easy to make and very inexpensive.

You Will Need
Fabric for top (I use an old sheet)
Fabric for Drop (I used the flat sheet that matches the fitted sheet on the bed.  I never use the top sheet when making the bed anyway)
Sewing Machine
Measuring Tape

Measure the size of the boxspring you are covering and the drop (distance from top of boxspring to floor)  For a twin sized, which is what I did, my measurements were 75x38 for the top and a 10" drop.  Note: the size of my drop is significantly lower than if you have a traditional boxspring.  I am using a "bunk-buddy" boxspring, which is only 2-3 inches thick.

Cut your top fabric to the size of the boxspring,

Cut your drop, in 3 segments, you will not need one for the head of the bed, only the two long sides and foot.  Keep your drop several inches longer than the lenght of your mattress, You will want to overlap them when you sew them to keep it from having any breaks.

Note: when I cut my sheets to make the drop I make sure I cut them with the hemmed egdes at the bottom of the drop. This saves a lot of time not having to hem the bottoms. ☺

Sew with right sides facing together, first sew the foot end, then one long side, then the other.  When sewing the long sides start at the head of the skirt and work your way down to the foot, when you get to the foot end sew the remainder of the long edges underneath the foot drop to hide the end. 

Remove the mattress from your bed and lay bedskirt on top of boxspring, adjust all sides so they hang evenly and place the mattress back on top of your bed. 

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