November 10, 2010

Lemon Bars Quilt

I made this quilt for my daughter's bed.  It was pretty simple too.  I started this quilt the weekend after my baby was born so it took me a bit longer to get it pieced, about 3 months.  I was given the opportunity to use a friends HQ Longarm Quilting Machine to quilt it.  It was a whole lot of fun to use that machine, it's also a lot trickier than it looks!  It took me 3 or 4 hours to quilt the entire quilt, versus the 3 or 4 months it would have taken me to put a simple hand stitch in the quilt.  Anyway here's the finished product:

The original pattern for this quilt was found on  I just changed the layout of the blocks, the size, and the colors, of course. 

The basis of the quilt is made of little squares and rectangles.  Fairly simple to piece.
 The small squares and rectangles are then pieced into a 15" block.  There are 20 blocks in this quilt to make it into a twin sized quilt.
I had a lot of fun turning the blocks to create different patterns and finally decided on the one you see.  The blocks are then pieced in strips then the strips are pieced together to make the top.  The backing is a pink and white stripped flannel. 
It's stitched with a wandering 4 petal flower and loop-de-do's.
Here's the finished product on her bed.  The drop of the quilt is long enough that when we move her to a full sized box-spring it will hang down like it should.

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