November 13, 2010

Million Pillowcase Challenge

American Patchwork and Quilting has come up with a One Million Pillowcase Challenge, basically they want america to make one million pillowcases and donate them to any local charity before the end of the calendar year.  I decided to participate, I've also challenged the Young Women and Relief Society (any everyone else) in my ward of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to participate. 

I made my pillowcases yesterday.  All the pillowcases I collect will be donated to the Operation Support for Deployed Military at the end of the month. 

Making a Pillow case is SO Easy.  I followed the pattern found here.  I had a lot of fun picking my fabrics and the pillowcases seriously took less than 10 minutes each.  So Easy.  I'd encourage everyone out there to go pick a couple fabrics and make a couple pillowcases, donate them to any local charity accepting pillowcases then go to the Million Pillowcase Website at the top of this page and add your pillowcases to the counter!

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