November 10, 2010

Baby Crib Bumper

This bumper was SO EASY to make!  Seriously.  I made this bumper in a week, and it shouldn't have even taken that long! 

 I had not used a bumper for about the first nine months of my baby's life, I've heard too many horror stories of bumpers being connected with SID's.  However, after my baby could sit, roll, crawl, and pull herself up to standing I wasn't so parianoid anymore.  She started kicking the bars on her crib and getting her chubby little legs stuck inbetween the bars!  One time she got them stuck so good I had to oil her legs to slip them back through the bars!  This was the day I decided to make a baby bumper.

I had no pattern to make this bumper, I simply measured the sides of the crip and connected my fabric stips end to end to achieve the right length.  I made my bumper one foot tall.  I added my batting and stitched straight lines about every 8" just to hold it together.  I bound it with a conitnious binding with mitered corners, just as I would a quilt and attached some fabric strips to it so I could tie it to the crib.

It was that easy.

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Heather Feather said...

I've always heard that making things for a baby's crib is so hard without a pattern. Look at you! It looks very easy to me :) Great job!