November 6, 2010

Can't Paint Your Walls?

I have an itch, a very persistant itch to paint the walls in my house.  They're white, I hate white walls.  The whole reason I haven't painted them yet is cause my husband is looking at a possible transfer soon and we might be selling our house.  So we're not painting until we find out if we're staying.  If we're leaving, the walls will stay white.  Seems I can't paint the walls in my house I had to do something!  Everything was white! 

Being in desperate need for color I picked a color scheme for both of my girls's rooms.  My toddler's room is colored in pink, blue, and purple.  My baby's room is converting to a color scheme of Aqua blue with splashes of brown, green, and black.

For my toddler's room I:
Made her a quilt: Lemon Bars, a Matching Pillow, and a bedskirt

Made curtains of a pink polka-dot fabric.

Made a memory board for her pictures.

And Painted her Bookshelf.  It used to be white, big surprise huh?
I love how this turned out and most of all my daughter thinks it's great!

My baby's room is moving a bit slower than my toddlers room. Mostly because the baby stuff is not in any particular color scheme, and I'm not buying all new baby accessories just because I want a color scheme!  The second reason it's moving a lot slower is cause her quilt is a bit more complicated than any other quilt I've made. It's taking me a while to make it cause I want it to be perfect.  What I've done so far:

She has a picture frame in her room that has words written on glass with no background.  I decided to put a piece of fabric, one I'm using for her quilt, behind it to give it some color.  The picture makes it a bit harder to read than it is in reality.
I've also made her a memory board.
I've made her some curtains... they are a teal colored with brown, green, and white askteric like decorations on it.  It's really cute fabric.
And I painted her dresser. This dresser has been several colors over the years, when it was in my toddler's room last year it was purple.  Now it's an aqua teal and we replaced the pink and yellow handles with black ones and now it's as good as new!
I have a goal of June to finish my baby's quilt and once we move the baby stuff out it'll just as I wanted it!

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Heather Feather said...

The decorating looks great! I really love the colors of your babies room. I can't wait to see the quilt!