November 10, 2010

Butterfly Baby Quilt

I made this quilt for my baby.  I finished it about two weeks before she was born and it took me about a total of a month to make.  I came up with the pattern for this one myself, my first attempt at creating a quilt from scratch.  It didn't turn out too bad. 

All the flowers and butterflies are appliqued.

All the stitching on the quilt was done by hand.

The blocks are stitched with a straight diagonal line through each.
The antennas on the butterfly are hand stitched with thick brown thread.  I've hand stitched around each butterfly and flower.

The border stitch is a 6 petal flower.  (this is one of my two favorite stitches I've done ☺)
The back is a shimmery butterfly pattern. I loved this print when I saw it in the store and I had to have it.  However, in retrospect I wish I would have used a softer fabric for my baby's quilt.  Oh well.  Live and Learn.

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