October 30, 2010

A new diaper bag and Diaper changing kit

I wanted a new diaper bag a quite a while, but I could find the one I wanted. So I decided to make one. I made this like you make the rag quilts. (If you have any questions about rag quilts go ahead and ask) I added pockets while I sewed my pieces together and then sewed a strip around the top and added a handle. I also sewed a cute flower on it to add something fun to it. Hurray for a new diaper bag. (You could also make a purse, just use smaller squares and not as many) Make sure you don't cut through your seams as you are fraying the edges or your bag will fall apart......I learned that the hard way :) haha!

My dear friend made me a diaper/wipes holder for one of my baby showers. I thought it was a brillant idea and I loved it! One day I was sitting in a meeting and this thought came to me....I could totally combine her already brillant idea with a changing pad.....so I quickly drew it out and then sat through the rest of my meeting. Then I got everything I needed and quickly through my project together. Here it is all folded up pretty
And here it is all opened up and ready to use.
Want to make your own? Well you will need:
a placement
about 1/8 yd of fabric
a strip of elastic
a waterproof crib pad (this will make 4)
Some velcro

I folded up the bottom of the place mat and sewed a seam a little larger than a diaper to make the diaper pocket. Then I added a piece of elastic across the top portion to hold the diapers in (this was my mother in laws brillant addition) Then I hemmed the top of the place mat and made a pocket out of the fabric the same length as the hemmed placement. I then sewed the pocket on the side to make a spot for diaper wipes. ( I made my wipes cover by hot glueing fabric around the top and bottom of my travel wipes container and then added a little ribbon) Then I cut my waterproof pad into 4 pieces and then added 2 pieces of velcro to the back so I could take it out and wash it if needed. Then it folds up all nicely and now I only have to grab one thing when I am on the go and need to change a diaper. (I got a hand sanitizer that looks like a pen from my dr. so I added that in there too, very handy!) I also added a strap with velrco to hold the whole thing together.

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