October 23, 2010

Kids Hooded Towels

After I had my first baby it didn't take me very long to discover that the hooded towels you can buy at the store just aren't quite up to par.  My first baby grew out of the towels by the time she was 6 months old, they are so skimpy and thin and my baby always looked cold wrapped up in that tiny towel. So I started making towels for my kids.  I use the same pattern for my baby and my toddler, and they're so easy to make!

Kids Hooded Towels

To made a hooded towel for your Baby, Toddler, or "BIG" Kid, you will need:

1 Large Bath Towel
1 Matching Hand Towel
Sewing Machine
Matching Thread

Take your hand towel and fold it in half, so it's short and fat, not long and narrow.  You also want to make sure that the wrong side of the towel is facing out.  Sew down one side of the towel adjacent to the fold.

Next take your bath towel and lay it out flat, right side up.  Take your hand towel and lay it on the long edge of the bath towel, line the sewn center up with the center of the bath towel and pin.  Make sure that your hand towel is right side out with the wrong side facing up.  (does that make sense?)

Basically you want to make sure that all your seems are going to be on the inside of the towel.

Pin your hand towel to the bath towel, making sure centers line up, and sew. 

TA-DA!  You now have a big, warm, and comfortable, hooded towel for your child.

You can embellish if you wish, possibly sew a ribbon down the side of the towel and the hood, or if you have the means you can embroider the child's name on it. 

This one is for my "soon-to-be" nephew, once he has a name I plan on embroidering it on the side of the hood and on one side of the towel.

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