October 30, 2010

Baby Clothes and Acessories

My mom was getting rid of an old sweater and matching scarf so I cut the neck part off and sewed a C shaped to make a hat. Then I sewed the sides of the scarf up, measured the length I wanted and cut them off and hemmed them. Now my little lady has a cute hat and matching baby legs!
I felt like being crafty this summer so I attempted to make a bubble skirt without a pattern.....this is how it turned out. I made the skirt by cutting a piece of fabric twice the width I wanted and a little longer than the length I wanted. Then I made the waist band by wrapping my bobbin with the thinnest elastic I could find. Then I sewed a few different lines down the top of the skirt about a presser-foot width apart. Make sure the first line you do with the elastic bobbin also hems the top of the skirt too. (Sorry if that doesn't make sense....its late and I don't really know how to explain it) :) Then I sewed a stretchy fabric to the bottom of the skirt using the elastic in the bobbin as well. Then I folded up the stretchy fabric and attached it to the waist band by sewing a straight stitch along the waist. Then I sewed down the side. This probably was not the best way to make this skirt, but it is how I did it. A pattern probably would have helped make it look better.....hahah! I also made a matching flower for the shirt and a matching headband.
No sew tutu! I handed sewed (Ok I guess there is a little bit of sewing) the elastic the width I wanted and then cut strips of tulle and then tied it onto the elastic. I used blue and pink and alternated the colors throughout the tutu. Very easy! It took me about an hour to make the whole thing.

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