October 30, 2010


I LOVE this calendar! It is super easy to make and easy to use. I bought a poster board, measured the size of the boxes I wanted and then traced the lines with permant marker. Then I wrote the days of the week at the top. I left a blank spot at the top so I could write the months down with my other markers. I used stamps and made a little swirly thing in the top corners of mine. Then when it looks all pretty, you take it to your local print shop and get it laminated. Then I bought some wet erase markers (dry erase are a pain in the rear to erase) and then I write down my life on my calendar. Mine fits 2 months on it and when I get through a month, I erase the top month and copy the bottom month up to the top and then erase the bottom and start my new month. This is the system I use and it works for me. Find whatever system works for you! Oh and I hang my calendar up with sticky tack and it works great!

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