October 22, 2010

Jar Covers

A couple weeks ago I made A LOT of pear jam.  I mean an awful lot of pear jam!  I put some in these little quilted jelly jars and I plan on giving them away at Christmas to my neighbors.
I wanted to make them a little more personal, it seems a jar, even one with jam in it, is just kind of boring.  So I made pretty little covers for the lids.  It was really very easy.  Here's how I did it.

 First I stared by measuring the lid of my jar..
I cut a piece of batting to fit the center of the lid.
 I hot glued the batting to the top of the jar.
This batting give the top of the jar a little more body.
Next I cut my fabric.  I cut it a couple inches larger than the top of the jar so it would hang down a little bit.  Set the material on top of the batting and use a small elastic to secure it to the jar.  You'll want to use one that no one will be able to see once you tie the ribbon.
Next I cut a piece of ribbon and wrap it around the top of the jar and tie a bow.  You can remove the elastic if you want to, but if you leave it on it'll help hold the material on. 

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