October 20, 2010

Diaper Cakes

 Diaper Cakes are, in my opinion, one of the best gifts for a baby shower!  New mothers just love getting them and they just look so darn cute!  I have a lot of fun making them, they are completely customizable and so easy to make.  They can get a bit expensive, let's face it, baby stuff is Expensive these days!  Anyway here is how to make a diaper cake.

You'll Need:
1 large package Size 2 diapers (52 diapers)
3 Recieving blankets (the ones on these cakes are homemade and slightly larger than your store bought blankets)
Ribbon, at least 1" wide and plenty of it.
1 Bottle
1 Stuffed Toy
52 small elastic (little elastic hair bands work great)
string or very large elastics
Whatever baby toys and accessories you want to add.

I usually use: baby spoons, binkys, diaper cream, tylonel, hair brush/comb, baby powder, oil and soap etc...

Take the diapers and roll each one tightly wrap a small elastic around each diaper to hold it tightly.  Arrange diapers on end, in 3 circles, large, medium and small.  Stick the bottle in the center of the smallest circle of diapers.  Tie with string, or using rubber bands to hold the diapers a circle while you decorate ☺ This is the fun part!  Fold each blanket to the same width as the diapers are tall, wrap each blanket around the diapers and tie, somewhat loosly, with ribbon.  Arrange your baby accessories by sticking them inside the blankets and ribbons.  Stack layers to look like a cake.  Place your stuffed toy on top and watch the look on the New Mothers face when she sees her diaper cake!

As a carrying tip, you might want to get a piece of cardboard or pan to carry the cake on so the diapers don't fall out the bottom of the cake.  I used a pizza pan, just the right size.

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