October 20, 2010

Temple Picture

I have dreamed for many years about owning a BIG beautiful picture of a LDS Temple. After I have grown up a little and realized things cost money and BIG beautiful pictures cost lots of money, I decided to make my own. You can really do this with anything you want a picture of though! First I went to the LDS Temple I wanted a picture of and took lots of pictures at different angles and locations around the temple. Then I went home and found the one I fell in love with. Then I edited it in my photo editing program and added a bunch of words, phrases, song lyrics, quotes, and anything else I felt like putting on it. Then I saved my file and brought it down to our local Costco (love that store) and had them print a giant copy of my picture. I guess I should back up a little and tell you about the frame first. I went to DI and looked through all the big picture frames they had. (I never thought of looking at DI for picture frames, but they have great ones sometimes!) Anyways I found this BIG frame that even had a really ugly mat in it. So I purchased it and brought it home. I sanded it down a little and then pulled out some handy spray paint and it looked good as new. Then I found some fabric that matched the picture and modge podged it on to the ugly mat. Now I had a pretty BIG frame and a pretty mat! Then I put my BIG picture in and hung it on the wall. I am pretty sure I love my BIG beautiful Temple picture! What do you think?


Sheryl and Tom Nielsen said...

I love this!!!

Mindy said...

Love this too! I hate not living in Utah...I miss having the D.I.!!