January 10, 2011

I spent $88 on a drawer system... so I could destroy it.

My baby's birthday is tomorrow.  Her first birthday.  2 weeks ago she was spoiled rotten for Christmas.  I didn't know what to get her she has every toy under the sun.  So my husband and I decided to get her something to store all those toys in.  After searching our town (and beyond) over for a cute toy box, we gave up and went to Ikea.  We found a cute drawer system that we liked, it was even green I was so excited!

When we got down to the pick-your-boxes section of the store we discovered they were OUT of the green drawers... I was really bummed out.  The other colors just didn't match the color scheme I've picked for her room!  So begrunged I picked some white drawers.  They are super glossy and I knew my paint wouldn't stick so when I came home I made my hsuband pull out his handy RIGID Belt Sander and I put him to work. 

After he finished sanding the drawers just enough that the paint would stick we pulled out the can of paint we used to paint her dresser a few months ago.  And we painted the fronts of the drawers.

Today while the kids were taking their first nap of the day I put the last two coats of paint on the fronts and during their second nap of the day I assembled the drawers.

I filled it right up with all her toys... she thinks it's great.

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Heather Feather said...

This is great! I really love that you painted the front. She looks so happy :)