January 17, 2011

More Flower Hair Clips

Need a new headband or hair clip? Try making this one!
You will need:
silky like fabric scraps
a candle
pearl beads
hot glue
ribbon (if you want to make a headband)
elastic (for headband)

First cut out a bunch of circles in different sizes. I made this one a stack of 5. The smaller ones are stacks of 3.
Light your candle.....I found this easier than using a match
Then melt the edges of each of the circles
Then I burned my finger and decided that using tweezers might be a better idea. :)
As the edges burn then should curl up like this
After you have melted the edges you will want to hot glue the different layers together.

Then you can hot glue pearls or whatever you so desire in the center. Then glue a hair clip or headband on the back.

If you want to make a headband, then measure around your head with ribbon. I cut mine an inch or 2 short and then folded the edge down and sewed a small strip of elastic to both ends.

And now you have a cute new hairclip or headband!

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