January 31, 2011

Flower Garden Quilt

I finished piecing one of my quilts this weekend.  The quilt I have referred to in the past as Mixed Boquet.  (I decided to change the name just because I can.)  It kinda looks (to me at least) like flowers growing out of the grass.... so it's my flower garden quilt now.  Anyway I'm very happy with the way it turned out.
Honestly I'd say this quilt is the closest to perfect I've done yet, everything came together nicely.

When I made my Lemon Bars quilt for my oldest daughter my Mother-in-law helped me quilt it so she has one quilt from Mommy and Grandma instead of 2 quilts.  The case is the same with this quilt.  It'll be quilted by my Mother-in-law in a couple months or so.  I'll post the finished project after it's done so you can see.


Kristie said...

Very cute! Is this Kayla's quilt? I really like the way it turned out too! Nice job!

Holli said...

Kristie- Yeah it is. A little different than the original plan but it worked.