January 1, 2011

Chair Covers

My kids have sticky fingers... literally, sticky, icky, gooey fingers.  Then they touch my chairs...  which would make my chairs sticky, icky, and gooey.  I decided I'm tired of scrubbing my dining room chairs, so I came up with a plan.  

I made these cute little chair covers.  I know they'll still get sticky, icky, and gooey, but they are washable!  Machine Washable! I decided I'd just slip these cute covers on my chairs and then once weekly... when I wash all my other kitchen linens I'll just throw them in the washer and put them back on.  It's brilliant!

I feel so smart right now

Anyway they were really simple to make
For One Chair Cover you'd need

2 fabric cuts of equal size
**My Chair backs are 19" long and 14" across and 1 1/2" wide so my fabric was cut 19"x 15" don't forget to include seam allowances on each side.
2 Thick Ribbons at least 1" thick and long enough to tie a bow, after being wrapped around the back of the chair.
(I used fabric strips... but I would have used ribbon if I had it.)

Place the 2 fabric cuts right sides together and stitch along the top, then about 1/2 way down one side.  Place the first ribbon In Between the fabrics along the edge and stitch it in place.  Finish stitching down the first side.

Stitch down the second side stopping about 1/2 way down and place the second ribbon in between the fabrics along the edge.  Stitch into place and finish stitching down the second side. 

Fold the bottom of the cover in about 1/4" and stitch to provide a nice finish to the bottom.

Making sure your cover is inside out.  About an inch down from the top corner pull each fabric away from one another until you have an angle at the top.  Stitch about 1" down from the top to one side.  Trim the excess fabric and repeat with other corner.
( I know this probably sounds difficult... it's the same way I did the bottom of the purses I made in this post if you want to take a look there is a picture there.)

Turn cover right side out and slip over chair, tie a bow and ta-da.  I think they look cute!  Did I mention they're WASHABLE!


Susan said...

I think that is a fabulous idea. I too am very sick of cleaning my kitchen chairs.

Kristie said...

So cute! I love it! I think I might make something like that in the future! Thanks for the great idea!