January 14, 2011

Operation COLOR!

Today I am very excited.  Today is the day I add some color to my walls!  The paint in my bathroom is obviously poor quality cause it's been bubbling and peeling off.  Seems it needs to be re-painted anyway my husband has gracefully agreed to let me color the walls.  The color I've chosen:

We bought two samples last night and painted a section of wall and the other color was Way to Dark... so this one won out.  I've just ordered my paint from Lowes and I'm going to pick it up in a couple hours.

Now I've got to go remove all our hardware and get the kids bundled up so I can go get my PAINT!

I'm Pretty Excited.

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Sheryl and Tom Nielsen said...

We will be painting our bathroom, which will be our very first room painted!! It's a pretty light blue, color is so much fun!