January 31, 2011

Vinyl Lettering Projects

I'm having a lot of fun with my new Silhouette SD.  I keep asking myself what other projects I can do with the limited material I have to work with.  I've found a few.  I went ahead and ordered myself some black vinyl (seems all my walls are white) and can you believe it, they just came out with an interfacing that allows you to cut FABRIC with your silhouette!  I'm stoked!  It will make applique quilts so much easier!  I ordered some of that too.  ☺

Anyway I wanted to show you my newest projects:

This one in on the wall above my shower:

I think it's fun. It's about 2 feet long and 8" tall.  Everyone I tell about this laughs at the boldness of it.
Last time I checked everybody gets naked before they shower... I'm just saying. 
 It's not like I put it over the bed in the Master bedroom where it might appear a little more provocative.

Anyway my second project that I want to show you is this:

This is my scrapbook. Well, technically, it's my husband's scrap book.  I put all of his Coast Guard "stuff" in here. 
For 3 years I've wanted to find some silver leafing I could press on the front and I just couldn't find any!  So I just cut the letters out of vinyl and stuck them on the front!  So easy. 

I might order some nice silver vinyl if I can find some and replace the letters down the road, but for now this makes me happy.

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