January 16, 2011

Operation Color: Successful

I Finally Got to Paint!  It was a lot of fun.  It took me a whole day, juggling 3 kids (my own 2 plus the one little boy I babysit).  But It's done!  I'll be perfectly honest, this was my first ever "on my own" paint job.  And about my 2nd ever paint job.  So considering I have a significant lack of experience it turned out pretty good.

This picture makes our bathroom look all dim and romantic...
It's not actually this dark.

This is above our shower, and it shows pretty close to the real color of the room. 

This is a little closer to what the room looks like..

This picture makes it looks really light.

My husband and I love it.  The paint is the same color as our bed-spread in our master bedroom, so it kinda works perfectly for us.  I'll be adding furniture to this room, a wall shelf above the toilet for my little decorations... and a linen cupboard on the long wall across from the shower (it's acutally a really big empty wall next to the sink there.)  I think I'm even going to have a nice frame made for my mirror and probably re-frame my wildlife pictures to match.  All the furniture will be wooden with a natural finish.
I might try to find a couple more small framed pictures for the walls too,but I haven't decided yet.

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Heather Feather said...

Great color! I love it. I wish I could paint in my apartment.