April 17, 2011

My ALMOST Project

I got an idea today... to take an old picture frame and turn it into something new... a decoration for my bathroom was the plan.

I painted it:

Cut my phrase from vinyl and stuck it on the glass

I put it in the painted frame and realized it needed something more
So I was brainstorming ideas...

(What would you do to spice this up a bit?  It's so... drull.)

When disaster struck:

I was trying to remove the stupid cardboard stand from the back of the frame and I shattered the glass.  :(

Live and Learn right? 
Now I know to remove the backing from the rest of the frame before I take the stupid cardboard stand off.

Fortunately earlier today I was trying to repurpose an identical frame with fabric when a staple tore through the wood and I had to throw the frame away... I kept the glass thinking it might come in handy one day.
Some how I just knew I was going to need it. 



Heather Feather said...

Lucky that you had the extra glass from the other frame! You could add buttons, polka dots, a spray painted toothbrush, fabric flowers. . . there are lots of things you could do!

Holli said...

I kind of like the flower idea... maybe I'll use that. Thanks Heather!