April 26, 2011

New Summer Wreath

I decided it was time to take down the easter decorations this morning. As I was putting things away, I dug through my box of holiday decorations and realized I didn't have anything springy/summery to hang up. So I gathered some silk flowers I had lying around from previous projects as well as 3 bunches of flowers and a wreath I bought at Dollar Tree. I had my camera sitting right by me and totally forgot to take pictures of the process....sorry!

Start by using a hot glue gun and glueing a ribbion around the top. Then make a bow out of the same ribbon and glue that at the top. Then clip the ends of your flowers down as short as you can get them without them falling apart. Then glue the flowers onto the wreath. Make sure you spread the colors around so you don't have clumps of one color in spots.
Here is the back of my finished wreath
And here is the front
Here is my new colorful wreath on my door! I love it!
I had a bunch of extra flowers so I made this little arrangement to put on my kitchen table as well!


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