April 26, 2011

A Little Bit of Fun in the Bathroom

I've finally given up on the idea of painting my house.  Momentarily it looks like we'll be having to pick up and move about this time next year so there's really no point in painting if I can't enjoy it for longer than a couple months.  So!  Instead I've decided to put up all those decorations I was waiting to put up until after the paint dried.  It's nothing That spectacular, but I had fun doing it.  (This is the kids/guest bathroom)

I put this above the sink

That cute little frog on the sing there, yeah, my 2 year old threw it on the floor the other day :(  Shattered.
It was the last frog from my frog bathroom I have determined my kids get nothing but rubber from this point on!

My neighbor gave me an awesome present for my birthday this year, a Sticker Maker!  I love it.
This sticker is my first attempt with my sticker maker.  It says

I promise it won't hurt you."

Then I hung this above the bathtub.

It's a little smaller than I'd like it, but it works. 
I also want to put bubbles around it, I just can't pick a bubble that I like. 

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