May 24, 2011

Old Jeans Quilt

I finally finished it!!!  This project has been sitting on my craft table for nearly 2 years. No joke.  I finally decided to sit down and plunge through it.  I love it now that it's done.  It's not perfect, actually it's probably the most faulty quilt I've ever made... but I still like it.

It's an oversized Queen quilt, but I actually made it to be used outside as a picnic blanket.

It's so big I had a hard time fitting it on the camera screen.  Finished product is 120"x80".

This jean quilt was made from 108 6" squares my Mother-in-law collected from my husbands jeans from growing up and also about 7 pairs of various sizes of worn out jeans we had lying around.

I left as many pockets and seems as I could to add character to the quilt.  Can't wait to see what surprises my kids hide in those pockets over the years.  ☺

A few little patches to fix holes in the jeans.

I quilted it with a green and blue yarn using a very simple zig-zag stitch (some of these jeans were impossible to get my needle though!)

And I bound it with a very pretty green and white print from Connecting Threads
Which is one of my Favorite fabric stores.

I can't wait to take it out tomorrow and have lunch on it... if it doesn't rain that is.

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