February 13, 2012

Bedroom Project

I have 2 boys. Their room was covered in animals and the color green....all stuff from their crib-set. Well, I decided that because it was time to give their room a small make-over. I'm not doing anything major, because we will be moving in a few months...but just decided to add a bit of color...and have their room actually match! :)

I started by making a small board using some wooden letters I found at Michaels. I let each of the boys put their handprint on the sign, and finished by putting a favorite saying using vinyl lettering: "Sometimes being a BROTHER is even better than being a SUPERHERO." Marc Brown.

The next step was matching curtains. I just took strips of matching fabric and made 2-panel curtains.

The next step was comforters. I couldn't find anything I really loved at the store, but I wanted something really BASIC. So, I took 2 matching fabrics and cut them slightly larger than the bed (toddler bed), so they would hang down on the sides. I made the "back" fabric 1" bigger on each side, so that I could make and easy binding. I bought a queen size comforter batting at Joanns, and simply cut it in half. Then I pinned the 2 pieces of fabric together (sorry I didn't take pictures of each step!).

I sewed 3 straight lines from top to bottom of the fabric, to keep the batting in place. Then I simply turned the back fabric over twice to make a binding. Easy? Yes. And I made 2 exactly the same, so the boys have matching bed spreads.

Finally I made matching pillowcases. I used 11x11 inch squares: 6 for the front, 6 for the back. I sewed them together to make 2 panels. I also made 2 panels of a solid color (I used red) as a lining...these panels were the size of a completed 6-square panel (does that make sense?). Then I sewed them together, leaving a small hole on the inside of the lining to turn it right-side out. I sewed along the top (opening) of the pillow case, just to make sure it laid flat.

And now my boys have a mostly-matching, colorful, room. They love it, and so do I! :)


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