February 20, 2012

Necklace Holder

All my long necklaces kept getting tangled....granted I was keeping them in a drawer, but still! It's obnoxious! Anyway, I received this bit of "inspiration" from something I had seen on Pinterest.

I went to Walmart and bought a wooden (bamboo, about $5.00) silverware organizer. I bought a couple packages of small "Command" Hooks (this way I take them on and off, switch them around, and also hang the necklaces a little lower) and put them in each of the long slots. Along the bottom I thought about just storing my glasses. But, instead, I made a trip to good old Dollar Tree, and found tiny square containers (found near all the zip-lock and other food storage containers). They were in a pack of like 10 for a dollar! I actually bought 2 packages...wonderful to help organize trinkets, beads, buttons, clips, rings, bobby pins...and earrings. So, I just put a few on the bottom shelf, and VOILA!

And I LOVE it!! So much easier to keep my jewelry organized! I separated out the earrings into the different colors (black, brown, silver/white, and colors). This was the BEST $10 ever!!! The idea I saw on Pinterest even connected several of these together down the wall/closet...but I don't have that many necklaces yet....nor a place to hang several of these!


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