February 25, 2012

Mother Blocks

Mothers....  I have strong feelings about Mothers and Motherhood, it is a difficult job.  Rewarding beyond measure, but difficult.  Just yesterday I sat down and wondered why one Earth I did this to myself and thinking I must have been crazy to decide I want another one!  But I do love my children, and being a mother, even if I might be bald by the time they all reach kindergarten.

I made up this cute little craft using my Silhouette and glass blocks, found at Walmart.

If you would like to make one the Silhouette store has a background pattern similar to the one I used, I made my own, but if you don't want to I think they charge about a dollar for the patterns.  For the smaller cursive words I just typed them up and picked a font.

I may or may not, get some pretty ribbon and tie a bow around each (with the bow on top) or even get a battery operated candle and pop it in the little hole at the bottom of the block, but I haven't decided yet.


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