May 28, 2012

Another Princess Birthday Cake

You might remember a few months ago I made a Snow White cake for my daughters birthday.  Both my girls loved the cake and ever since January I have heard nothing else from my oldest daughter.  Her birthday was last week, I let her pick her cake, colors, and princess.  She had a whole isle of cakes to pick from, strawberry, cherry, chocolate, lemon, carrot, spice.  Wanna guess what she picked?  White.  Just like her father.  So I had her pick a second cake, I need at least two boxes anyway.  Hoping she'd pick a fun flavor this time she picked: fun fetti.  At least it has a little bit of color in it.  White and White with sprinkles.... just like Daddy.

I ended up using 3 cake mixes, two white and 1 fun fetti, 2 tubs of frosting, and about 6 hours of my time.
But she loved it.


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